Who We Are

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Our Mission

Zayah (pr. Zaye-uh) is a musical collaborative that believes individuals, communities and the world at large heal, gather and communicate best through rhythm and song, and that music has the power to bring vitality to our species -- providing healing and social transformation for the masses. Founded and led by Rabbi Isaiah J. Rothstein, a Jew of Color from Monsey, NY, one of Zayah’s core beliefs include celebrating the religious, racial and ethnic diversity in the world at large.

Our Core Beliefs

🎶 Collaboration

With 35 people on our first album and nearly 100 collaborators in in our first music video, we believe that the music is a medium for community building, giving us a chance at instilling a sense of purpose and utility for all different kinds of people.

🎶 Celebrating Religious, Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Both art and the artist have the power to lift voices up that are seldom heard. With two women and two Jews of Color in our band, we believe artists need to create a stage for people of all backgrounds to participate in production efforts.

🎶 Music as Medicine:

Our song-writing focuses intentionally on themes of social-emotional wellbeing, freedom, love and social action — combining themes rooted in the Judeo-Christian traditions along with genres that speak differently to the heart — namely Rock, Ska, Pop, Reggae, Folk and Musical Theater.

🎶 Music Belongs to the Masses:

As Creators and Creatives, we believe composers carry the responsibility of producing music for the community, not only to promote our work, but also because it is not ours, but the people to keep. Furthermore, once the music is published, it belongs to the community, it is only the hope that the artist is compensated for their gift to society.

Our Vision

As exhibited by visual artists, poets and musicians throughout history, we envision a world where creators and creatives create works of art that serve as tools for identity formation, community building, and working through the hard moments of our lives. Through our collaboration, we envision a world where people from all background can deeply connect through song and songwriting, bridging communities, creating community conversations with our neighbors in ways that would not otherwise have been possible.



This album was written for the dreamers of the 21st century. For those who simply cannot wait for darkness to bring their light and who won't sleep until they live out their dreams, deeply and awake.

Listen and buy Dreaming Awake http://hyperurl.co/s2k4sz 
Watch Our First Video: https://youtu.be/6WAykgTLsoo 

Book Zayah: http://www.ZayahBand.com | ZayahBand@gmail.com


Directed by: Leah Gottfried, Isaiah Rothstein

Video by: Shlomotions

Production Designer: Chaya Itzkowitz

Cast: Morning Child: Revaya Mlotek | Mother: Yael Kornfeld-Mlotek | Chassid: Avram Mlotek | Business Woman: DeAnna Suplee | Gratitude Captain: Isaiah Rothstein